Practice Areas

A criminal accusation normally places a severe strain on the accused, especially when arrest, search or seizure are involved. In such situations it is always advisable to make use of one's right to remain silent and engage the services of an experienced lawyer who specializes in criminal law.

In the business world and commercial traffic, preventative counseling has become increasingly important in view of stricter and more extensive commercial and tax-related norms. In this way, the risk of criminal prosecution can be excluded and pitfalls avoided.

With our law office's specialization in criminal law our clients profit from our years of experience in dealing with investigative authorities and criminal courts, particularly in the following areas.

Core competences

Criminal Defense Lawyers – Criminal Law

  • Law relating to economic offences
  • Labor criminal law
  • Criminal law for the medical profession / criminal law relating to medicine
  • Criminal tax law

Compliance consulting

  • Corporate consulting on criminal law / corporate lawyer
  • Establishment of compliance structures / informant systems


We provide services for well-known companies as ombudsman against corruption and commercial crime.

Internal Investigations

When there is the suspicion of a criminal offense, we provide professional clarification of the facts through case-related teams set up specifically for the case at hand, e.g. with police detectives, lawyers, certified accountants and former tax investigators.


We counsel and represent private clients and companies in preliminary proceedings and
criminal investigations nationwide and in all courts.

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