Ombudspersons – Ombudsman and Ombudswoman in Frankfurt

The core of a professional compliance system

Due to different legal requirements and at the same time a growing awareness of the practical necessities, companies are increasingly devoting more attention to the topic of compliance. Part of this attention is particularly directed at fighting corruption and other business criminal acts through professional preventative measures. Therefore, the appointment of external ombudspersons as recommended by Transparency International and other independent experts is of the utmost importance.

Ombudsman Dr. Rainer Buchert and ombudswoman Dr. Caroline Jacob are fighting corruption and other business criminal acts in about 40 corporations and medium-sized enterprises from various sectors.

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Contact person for informants

An essential aspect of the ombudsman system is that informants can approach the attorney Dr. Buchert confidentially. A lawyer's obligation to maintain secrecy, the right to refuse to give evidence and supplementary contractual obligations combine to guarantee that the identity of the informant is protected and his name will not be disclosed. It is only with the informant's explicit agreement that information can be divulged to the company's investigative bodies. Protection begins with and includes the first contact with the ombudsman. The informant incurs no costs.

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Dr. Rainer Buchert & Dr. Caroline Jacob

Dr. Rainer Buchert and Dr. Caroline Jacob
Attorneys at Law and ombudspersons

Ombudsperson Frankfurt

More information – especially for informants – on our new website.